Wedding photographer Lugano and Lake Como – Laura e Gerardo

Wedding photographer Lugano and Lake Como – Laura e Gerardo

Laura, a splendid Italian-Canadian girl and Gerardo from Salvatierra Guanajuato, Mexico, decide to get married in Lugano and then celebrate on Lake Como, in Blevio.

Here is their review:


A 5 star photographer! Alfredo is a true creative professional and we are really happy that he was the one who photographed our wedding day.

Initially, we contacted Alfredo because we were intrigued by his photos, so spontaneous and natural, but at the same time scenic and expressive. When we met him, we immediately felt at ease with him and we understood that, in addition to taking his work very seriously, he is also an empathetic and helpful person who tries to understand the needs of his customers well. Now that we have the photos of our big day in hand, we can say with certainty that we made the right choice. The photos carefully tell all the important moments of the day and express the atmosphere of serenity and joy. The color photos are lively and brilliant, with some having softer tones, acquiring a slightly vintage and timeless air; black and white photos, on the other hand, enhance the importance of the moments they capture. We add, in conclusion, that his cordiality and sympathy towards the guests was much appreciated, as was his ability to guide them gracefully in the group photo moments.

Many thanks Alfredo!

Laura and Gerard


Wedding: Comune di Lugano

M.U.A.: Nicole Vinti

Venue: Momi, Blevio

Fotografie: Alfredo Nicoli

Wedding photographer Lugano and Lake Como – Laura e Gerardo
Alfredo Nicoli Fotografia e Filmmaking