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5_stelle_recensioneFeel at home

Perfect service. Alfredo with cameraman support did a wonderful job, much appreciated shooting with the drone, video / trailer editing. Beautiful photos with creative shots, capable of capturing the nuances. Very kind and approachable, able to put you at ease from the very first shots. Discreet presence, very helpful, he would have stayed even after the party to take us some shots with the sunset but we were too tired. We were surprised and amazed to receive a few photos via Whatsapp the next day, a nice way to relive the wedding day. In general, the full service was quick compared to the timing, after a month we already had everything. Score: 10.

Alessia e José


Ours was a wedding full of many significant moments, before and after the ceremony, nevertheless Alfredo and his staff went out of their way to capture and immortalize every moment and every emotion.

Since the first meeting, harmony has been created between us spouses and our photographer, a true passionate and enthusiastic professional who puts his heart and soul into his work. He showed us some of his works of which we really liked the non-trivial style, the creativity, the ability to be in the right place at the right time.

Tireless, attentive to detail, always present but “invisible” and with a soft step, we hardly noticed his presence and he managed to capture every single moment.

Dedo has the ability to “see the photo” even before taking it and to seize every opportunity for memorable shots (Oh look, there’s a rabbit!) always managing to capture the essence of every look and every place.

He was also extremely patient in complying with all our requests, especially those of the bride!

The material was delivered to us in a short time and choosing the photos to include in the album was really difficult, all too beautiful to be discarded. The video was brilliantly edited with extreme care and particular attention to detail, a real interlocking game that made our footage exciting, not boring or banal.

Dedo is a true artist and we could not have made a better choice to capture such a special day!

Denise e Valentino



A five star photographer!

Alfredo is a true creative professional and we are really happy that he was the one who photographed our wedding day.

Initially, we contacted Alfredo because we were intrigued by his photos, so spontaneous and natural, but at the same time scenic and expressive. When we met him, we immediately felt at ease with him and we understood that, in addition to taking his work very seriously, he is also an empathic and helpful person who tries to understand the needs of his customers well. Now that we have the photos of our big day in hand, we can say with certainty that we made the right choice. The photos carefully tell all the important moments of the day and express the atmosphere of serenity and joy. The color photos are lively and brilliant, with some having softer tones, acquiring a slightly vintage and timeless air; black and white photos, on the other hand, enhance the importance of the moments they capture. We add, in conclusion, that his cordiality and sympathy towards the guests was much appreciated, as was his ability to guide them gracefully in the group photo moments.

Heartfelt thanks Alfredo!


Laura e Gerardo



What magic!

Alfredo is an artist with a capital A. When we leaf through our album, an indescribable magic is released: every emotion is skilfully captured in the photographs he took of us; thanks to him our moments of joy have become indelible and will remain in our memory for life. Dedo’s skill and artistic sense really impressed us! No photograph is taken for granted, boring, trivial, on the contrary … our album is touching and special because it tells a story (our story!) with delicacy and authenticity.
In addition to his great artistic sense, Dedo is a true professional: he carried out inspections and studied the locations, he took real masterpieces with a drone, as well as following us with discretion, immortalizing moments of pure spontaneity without us realizing it. His dynamism was also greatly appreciated in post-production, since the following day we already had some photographs that we could admire and share with relatives and friends. Dedo then chose the most beautiful photos and laid out the album in the blink of an eye. We, on the contrary, had some difficulty in choosing the final photographs because one was more beautiful than the other!

Thank you for everything, HEART dear Dedo, we will entrust other important moments of our lives into your expert hands … and what a pity we didn’t get to know you sooner!

Valentina e Lorenzo


5_stelle_recensioneDear Alfredo, from the very beginning you helped us plan the surprise photoshoot and video to capture one of the most memorable moments of my life. Response time was very quick, you provided great ideas on where the exact location of the marriage proposal would take place, and you suggested a great restaurant to have lunch when most of the restaurants in Bellagio were closed. You even convinced the restaurant owners to open after hours! Planning a proposal in a foreign country is always stressful, but you managed to provide the assurance and comfort that no matter the weather, your photos and video would turn out great and they did! The photos captured the beauty of Como and the joys in our hearts at the time. The photos, both exterior and interior, different elevations, in black and white, were all extremely well done. My fiancee has really high standards when it comes to photography and she applauded your work. The video was even more impressive as it looked like it could be used for a promotional tourist video for Como! I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, talent and honesty as a photographer and as a representative of Como. You will forever be a part of our lives. Thanks Alfred!

Tony e Vivian



Describing Dedo and his work is really difficult, but if we had to choose just one word I would say PASSION. From personal experience we can say that he sweated the proverbial 7 shirts (and probably a few shirts too) to immortalize our day. Available immediately, he listened to our needs, made an initial inspection of the Mill, ran tirelessly throughout the day (and part of the night) of the Wedding but also afterwards for the delivery of the photographs, or rather the Photographs. Very fast but without forgetting the quality. Dedo was definitely beyond what we expected. For all this and also for what we probably forgot, I think the best review we can give you is a BIG HEARTY THANK YOU!

Bye Dedo, see you soon

Je & DaDo


A true professional photographer
We contacted Alfredo to make the video that would capture the best moments of our wedding and, choosing to entrust this task to him, proved to be a perfect decision.
Alfredo discovered, from the first meeting, very professional and passionate about the works he creates.
He managed to enclose the most important and emotional moments in 25 minutes, never resulting banal. Indeed, every time we watch our video again the emotions that invade us are indescribable, every time it seems to go back to that day, surrounded by the love of our loved ones and by the happiness of celebrating our love with them.
Always very helpful and reassuring, we will never be able to thank you enough dear Alfredo.

Aura e Lorenzo.



Fantastic pictures

Very flexible, kind and always available. The quality/price ratio is excellent and his professionalism is indisputable. We recommend it for any type of photo shoot. The photos of our wedding are magnificent and above all not trivial, but very original and with attention to the smallest details.

Cinzia e Alessandro



The best

Our wedding was organized in 2 months and we contacted Dedo, only a month and a half in advance. Luckily, it was the only date Dedo was still available! The first time he came to the house for an inspection, where the wedding would take place (in the garden) and then another inspection was made a week after the wedding, to evaluate the places where we would go to take photos after the ceremony . We immediately found ourselves at ease, always friendly and helpful. We were very sure of his work, we didn’t ask for too many introductions, as we fully trusted his creativity. The couple photos are very original and cared for in their particularity. At the aperitif and dinner there were 100 guests and he alone was up to the chaotic party, where he photographed the epic moments of our wedding. From the preparation of the bride and groom to the end of the event, he was very discreet and unobtrusive, but this is precisely one of his many strengths! We were able to enjoy the party and be spontaneous, without worrying too much about posing; he was able to capture the moments and give us some beautiful photographs, which will be a fantastic memory of our wedding. The delivery of the photos on a USB stick took place just 4 days after the event!
Excellent value for money! We highly recommend it! Thank you Dedo for your patience and professionalism!


Claudia e Andrea


5_stelle_recensioneProfessional and prepared, sometimes “invisible”, but always there to capture the highlights of the day.
Not to mention his versatility, technique and passion, open to any suggestion or change of plans but at the same time ready for improvisation and “carpe diem”.
His professionalism and competence accompanied us from the first meeting to the “realization of the work” (post-production and choice of album).
We were delighted to have been followed by Alfredo on this unique day for us.
We can never thank you enough for your patience, sympathy and availability…
A thousand thanks

Roberta e Federico



A perfect spontaneity

We never get tired of looking and looking at the beautiful photographs taken by Dedo to capture our most beautiful day! I’ve known Dedo for a long time before he decided to make photography his profession. When my husband and I decided to get married, I immediately thought of him, since we wanted a photo shoot that was not too “busy”, but accurate and that spontaneously told the story of our special day! Extremely professional, engaging, proactive but never intrusive, Dedo accompanied us with enthusiasm and discretion, capturing the most solemn moments, the most carefree and… even the unexpected ones (…he knows what I mean!!!) of a day that will remain imprinted in our heart. Simply… thank you!


Daniela & Nicola


5_stelle_recensioneDear Alfredo, We can never thank you enough for making our welcome party video and also for being our photographer at the wedding. The pictures are amazing (you captured our smiles and expressions). Now we can relive that moment every time we watch the video and look at the photographs. You did a great job and we are so glad we chose you to capture one of the most important moments of our lives. You are a great person to work with and put us at ease with your fun personality. You deserve 10 stars! If you are looking for a photographer/videomaker, you have the right person right here, Alfredo!

Karl & Jessie


5_stelle_recensioneA certainty!

Thanks to his professionalism and sympathy we are lucky enough to relive our most beautiful day thanks to the splendid work of Alfredo. With his spontaneous joy she was able to capture moments of all forms of emotions. We thank him very much for making our event even more special and for having been able to capture our most beautiful moments in a dynamic and original way.
Thanks Dedo

Michele e Curzio


5_stelle_recensioneSimply perfect

We contacted Alfredo on the recommendation of a friend. We set up a meeting to talk about our needs and his requests; we got along very well right away. We had the opportunity to observe some of his works and received an excellent offer. Alfredo was present and very helpful, we defined the details of the service together and talked about the locations, where he subsequently made inspections to evaluate the characteristics of the place. We were looking for an unobtrusive photographer, someone who could capture the most exciting moments of the day and the spontaneity of people and Alfredo nailed it!

Patrizia e Eros



Indelible memories

Wedding an unforgettable day…
But if something had escaped our memory, this wonderful team made up of Alfredo and Riccardo immortalized this wonderful day for us minute by minute so that we can remember it forever!
Serious and qualified people, excellent quality photos and also videos and photos also taken using drone footage! Absolute novelty for us whose result has left us amazed!
First meeting immediately super professional in which the terms of the date of the place and the type of ceremony that will take place are clarified.
Inspection of the location and the relative houses a few days before the event where the bride and groom will get ready so as to be able to have a complete picture of the day, from the make-up to the wig to the dress, everything is immortalized!
Serious reliable and nice people who know how to do their job 100%
I recommend all these experts because they really did a great job with regards to my wedding, and the novelty of the drone from which they then took photos and videos is really to be tried once in a lifetime and what better occasion than your own wedding?


Chiara & Corrado


5_stelle_recensioneEngaged at our wedding, he turned out to be nice, professional and also very brilliant, despite the rain he found very funny and original shots. Highly recommended.
His passion for photographs can be understood from his approach with people, not at all intrusive, but with shots that steal your breath, thanks to Alfredo we will have beautiful memories of our big day.

Irene & Mattia

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