who is Alfredo Nicoli photographer and video maker lake Como

“Photography is magic and, if you believe in it, magic will start to happen”

My name is Alfredo, I’m a photographer and film maker living between the mountains of Lake Como and Lugano, incredibly beautiful places that I’ve always loved.

I think photography is strongly related to magic. When I’m behind the camera sometimes it happens that I don’t notice what I’m photographing, I feel my senses expand and I act instinctively, entering a very particular mood. The great photographer Ansel Adams said:

“You don’t take a picture with just a camera. You put into photography all the images you’ve seen, the books you’ve read, the music you’ve listened to, and the people you’ve loved.”

The camera is the means that allows me to release emotions directly from the heart, for this reason a photograph must not be a simple vision of reality at all costs but the transposition of what i feel, a consequence of my experience. For this reason, i spend most of my free time traveling, reading and having as many experiences as possible.

At some point in my life I decided to press the PAUSE button, to slow down from the hysterical frenzy that envelops our society and stop to observe what is around me in more detail, taking some time to specialize in what I like to do more than anything:


My tools are a notebook with a pen, a pc and, of course, a camera.

I’m based in Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Lombardy and Tessin but I love to travel and meet new people and cultures, and I’m willing to join you anywhere in the world.

I carry out photoshoots for weddings, portraits, engagements, ceremonies, families and companies. I produce promotional videos for companies and individuals. I have a great interest in reportage and storytelling.

CONTACT ME for mutual acquaintance and the possibility to request a bespoke quote.


If you want, my next story can be YOURS

Let’s get know each other!

I think it’s very important to get to know each other, perhaps over a coffee. I will thus have the opportunity to show you how i work and understand your needs.

I am a wedding and portrait photographer and film maker with a great passion for reportage and storytelling.

I mainly work on Lake Como, Lombardy and Tessin, but I’m available to travel and reach you anywhere.

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