Lake Como Wedding Proposal Photographer Filmaker

“The autumn, the rain, two young lovers. And the magic of Lake Como.”

Dear Alfredo, from the very beginning, you helped plan the surprise photo shoot and video to capture one of my life’s most memorable moments. Your response time was really quick, provided fantastic ideas as to where the exact location of the proposal would take place and suggested a terrific restaurant to have lunch when most of the restaurants in Bellagio were closed. You even convinced the restaurant owners to open past their closing time! Planning a proposal in a foreign country will always be stressful but you managed to provide assurance and comfort that regardless of the weather conditions, the photos and video would turn out amazing-and they did! The photos captured the beauty of Como and the joys in our hearts of from the moment. The photos, whether outdoor, indoor, different elevations, black and white, were all extremely well executed. My fiance has really high standards when it comes to photography and she applauded your work. The video was even more impressive as it looked as if it could be used for a promotional tourism video for Como! Can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, talent and honesty as a photographer and as a representative of Como. You will be forever part of our lives. Grazie Alfredo!

(Tony & Vivian)


Tony decided to propose to Vivian on Lake Como, during a cruise, on a rainy november day. Many might think that it wasn’t really a lucky day, but Lake Como, even in bad weather, knows how to give moments of pure magic.

Tony ha deciso di proporsi a Vivian sul lago di Como, durante una crociera, in un piovoso giorno di novembre. Molti potrebbero pensare che non sia stata proprio una giornata fortunata, ma il lago di Como, anche con il brutto tempo, sa come regalare attimi di pura magia.

Il mio nome è Alfredo, sono fotografo e videomaker con una grande passione per il reportage e il racconto.
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Lago di Como, lago di Lugano, Lombardia, Canton Ticino.
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Lake Como Wedding Proposal Photographer Filmaker


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